Looking for a way to have a good time and get people involved? Karaoke is a fun interactive way to get your guest involved. Itís fun for all ages! Youíre the star, when you sing-a-long with your favorite songs from yesterday and today.


Karaoke Shows

       Live emcee/host to coordinate the show, encourage participation, and ensure optimal audio mixing

       I offer computer-based karaoke

       Wireless microphones

       5,000 songs from the 50's to present

       Lyrics shown on monitor screen (provided)
can also be fed to other TVs for audience participation

       Adjustable tempo and/or key

       Computer playback prevents "dead air" between singers

       Great for bars/clubs, school dances, or integration with a wedding reception.


Call for price 717-234-9500 Or Verizon Wireless 717-443-3646