Wedding Reception

Congratulations on your engagement, and welcome to the most important day of your life!

Are you looking for professionalism and elegant fun? How about low-key and 'non-cheesy'?

If so then we would like the opportunity to speak with you about your wedding reception.



Order of events

The typical flow of a reception varies. Listed below is the order we typically use. The bride and groom may make any changes to this list to customize their reception.


  1. Arrival Of Guests: Jazz or easy listening music is played at a volume level that creates a nice background atmosphere, and does not interfere with normal conversation.

  2. Introduction Of The Bridal Party: We get the bridal party organized for the introductions, go over name pronunciations and conduct the introductions.

  3. Bridal Dance: Song selected by bride and groom.

  4. Invocation/Toast: We provide a wireless microphone and give introduction for those involved.

  5. Dinner: We continue to play background music and make dinner announcements as needed.

  6. Cutting Of The Cake: Song selected by bride and groom.

  7. Bridal Party Dance: Song selected by the bride and groom.

  8. Father/Daughter Dance: Song selected by bride.

  9. Mother/Son Dance: Song selected by groom.

  10. Bouquet/Garter Toss: Songs selected by bride and groom.

  11. Dollar Dance:

  12. Open Dance: Based on bride and groom choice and requests from guests.


Disc Jockey Rates vary based on talent, experience, emcee ability, service, coordination, equipment, music knowledge, mixing ability and personality.


Rates for the DJ Industry varies greatly, ranging from $350.00 to $2,000.00 for a 4 hour booking. The best price is not always the best deal, especially if you are planning a wedding. As a matter of fact, surveys conclude that nearly 100% of brides would have spent more money on their entertainment and made it their #1 priority in hindsight.


A Full-Service Disc Jockey will normally invest 10 to 16 hours in your special event. It may appear that you are only paying for 4 hours. In addition to your event there is consultations, music purchasing & editing, set-up and tear-down, education and other business related endeavors add up to the overall success of your special occasion.


       So How Much Is A Professional DJ Worth?

       A survey by “Modern Bride” magazine determined the following...

       What Were The Most Important Factors In Your Wedding Reception's Success?

       57%  Music / Entertainment
      22%  Food & Beverage
      13%  Facility / Banquet Hall
       8%   Other Factors

       What Was The Percentage Breakdown Of Your Wedding Reception Costs?

       60%  Food & Beverage
       20%  Other Factors
       15%  Facility / Banquet Hall
       5%   Music / Entertainment



Additional Sound Reinforcement

Some venues with larger rooms require more speakers to properly maintain an adequate sound level.

Second Sound System

Ideal for providing music for cocktail hour, especially if you’re cocktail hour is in a different room from the reception.


A fun interactive way to get your guest involved. It’s fun for all ages! You’re the star, when you sing-a-long with your favorite songs from yesterday and today.


Professional lighting system to add color and excitement to the dance floor.

Par cans flash and chase to the beat of the music while the mirror ball sparkles throughout the room.


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